Seminars for teachers

Intersections between Viennese music traditions and innovation
Contemporary piano technique – methods and new constructs

The seminars address teachers in secondary and tertiary music education institutions with the objective to give information about the best recent didactic methods, newest repertoire and the secrets of successful teaching. During the seminar participants will have the possibility to discuss problems, receive suggestions and advice and join open forums in order to solve specific professional tasks.

Participants will receive a certificate on completion of the course.

Course fee: 650 Euro

Registration fee: 45 Euro

Intersections between Viennese music traditions and innovation

This seminar is intended for piano teachers in music schools, who are interested in the newest teaching materials from Western Europe. The seminar consists of a theoretical and a practical part.

The theoretical part deals with the general music education system in Austria and Germany. It includes an overview of the teaching methods now used in Austrian and German schools, the requirements for admission exams and also an overview of the main Austrian and Western European competitions.

The practical part presents the newest and most popular Western European repertoire for children by composers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland (focus on piano solo and piano chamber music). The seminar is accompanied by listening to recordings of the presented pieces, recorded by their authors. Participants will also have the possibility to look through the pieces on their own and will receive a collection of sheet music of the most interesting materials (approx. 400 pages).

Course duration: 12 hoursback

Contemporary piano technique

A. Corongiu is a leading specialist in the field of finger technique development. He is confident that everyone can reach a certain level of technical virtuosity. He knows why sometimes playing a lot of etudes and technical exercises doesn´t yield the expected result. Thanks to a special set of finger exercises which will be presented during the seminar, incredible results can be reached. The professor will also answer questions such as::

How to work on touch in Mozart’s piano sonatas? How to find the right tone for early Schubert or late Beethoven works? What does "Viennese sound" or the Viennese school of playing mean? This seminar will provide answers for this and many other questions.

Duration: 12 hours back