Crash courses

Ukulelе | African drums

Participation in a crash course is possible in addition to the main master course or amateur course, instead of a public appearance. On the last day of the master classes we offer the possibility to try playing traditional and rare instruments like Icelandic or baroque flute, gemshorn (chamois horn), ukulele, African drums and Austrian mouth-organ, sing Tyrolean yodel (a type of singing without words, with rapid changes between chest voice and falsetto) or Carinthian folk-songs (singing canons in Carinthian dialect). The crash courses allow you to try the exotic and have a lot of fun with it.

Certificates are given out upon completing the course.

Course fee: 250 Euro

Registration fee: 45 Euro


The ukulele is a miniature four-stringed guitar widespread in the Pacific Isles. It is easy to learn, comfortable to travel with and evokes a lot of positive feelings.

Duration: 2 hours back

African Drums

This crash course invites you to delve into the different drumming sounds from Western Africa, the big and small percussion instruments of Southern India, the different playing techniques in the Balkan countries and the Caribbean Islands. The lessons are taught on original instruments. The course‘s goal is to experience different rhythmic schools and to give basic coaching in percussion techniques and polyrhythmic arrangements and structure.

Duration: 2 hoursback